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Workday Live: Intelligent Experiences using Machine Learning
“The move to Intelligent Experiences using Machine Learning will change the way that we relate to users by using Machine Learning to augment, accelerate and assist.” Anton de Weger, Application Machine Learning Product Manager , Workday

Amongst the discussions about the impact intelligent technologies will have on the world, we’re already seeing how they’re transforming medicine and healthcare, and powering a new era of driverless vehicles.

While there is no shortage of hype, it is widely agreed that intelligent technologies will shape life and work in ways we still can’t imagine.

At Workday, we believe intelligent technologies will lead to a better and more productive future. We also believe that intelligent systems must be built in an ethical way, taking great care to avoid unintended biases, and to protect personal data. As we continue to invest, we are guided by these principles.

In fact, Workday has been honing its AI knowledge and experience for years. Through our early investments, we have learned a lot about solving our customers’ business problems with intelligent technologies, giving us a solid foundation on which to build and help solve their challenges for years to come.

Join us on this Workday Live Webinar to hear Workday’s approach to Intelligent Experiences using Machine Learning that helps end users by:
- Augmenting
- Accelerating
- Assisting

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